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A Massive Underground Bunker Buried in the Holyoke Range Was Built For a Dark Purpose

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The Post-Attack Command and Control System Facility otherwise known as the Notch Bunker was built into the side of Bare Mountain in the Holyoke range in order to protect top military officials in case of a nuclear attack.

The massive facility is said to consist of two underground stories amounting to 40,000 square feet and initially served as a secure communications center for the Strategic Air Command.

During the 1950s when the Cold War was at its height, this secret bunker was constructed to house a couple of hundred people for up to 30 days as this excerpt explains: "It was built in the late 1950s as a shelter for the 8th Air Force command post in the event of a nuclear attack. Essentially, the bunker was meant to ensure that top military officials could survive a nuclear catastrophe, and issue commands to any surviving military personnel aboveground. The bunker was built to support up to 350 people for just over a month. It was stocked with surplus WWII rations, cots, and a microwave communication system."

According to reports, even though the bunker was shut down in 1970, the bunker continued to serve its purpose in case of a nuclear blast. In 1971, the Federal Reserve purchased the facility to not only store its records but also to house vast amounts of cash according to local legends. This was in order to restart the economy after the occurrence of a nuclear apocalypse.

The bunker which is located a few miles from Hadley in Massachusetts currently serves as a library for the 5 colleges as this excerpt further elaborates: "Amherst College purchased the facility in 1989 and converted it to an archival facility. Being underground (5-20 feet down) the Bunker's temperature does not change with the seasons making it an ideal location for storing temperature-sensitive material."

The 2010 Hollywood movie, Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson, was shot in the bunker.

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