“Jogger’s Hill” in Colorado Is One of the Most Haunted Back Roads in the US

Yana Bostongirl

Have you taken a back road only to wish you shouldn't have just because it gave you the creeps? One such back road shrouded in stories of hauntings and paranormal activity is located in Colorado.

Riverdale Road which lies between Thornton and Brighton is home to Jogger's Hill. It is an 11-mile stretch of road that is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a jogger who was the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

According to legend, a jogger was out for a nightly run when he was hit and left to die by a motorist. Ever since then, rumors abound of sounds of jogging feet and fists banging on cars that travel that road. In some cases, those who were parked at the top of Jogger's Hill claim to have seen handprints on the windows: "Forever restless and angry at his fate, they say the jogger haunts this back road, looking for his killer in every passing car. He especially likes to creep up on people who park at the top of what is now called Jogger’s Hill. Word is, if you kill your lights and engine, he’ll think you’re the one who hit him. Folks have reported hearing sounds of quick feet running toward them followed by angry fists beating the sides of their cars and handprints appearing on the windows as though the jogger is outside trying to get a look at his killer inside."

In addition to the phantom jogger, local legends also talk about other hauntings that are allegedly seen on this stretch of road including The Gates of Hell, phantom dogs, witch hangings, devil worshippers, and ghosts.

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