Why California’s I-5 is the Deadliest Road in the US

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According to ValuePenguin, California and Texas accounted for 10% of the 179,696 car crash fatalities reported between 2015-2019. The most dangerous road in the US based on fatalities resulting from car crashes is the I-5 highway in California: "The most dangerous road in the U.S. is Interstate 5 in California, where 584 people were killed in 544 deadly crashes. State Route 49 in California topped ValuePenguin's analysis for the rate of deaths per crash, while state Route 91 led for the number of fatal crashes in which alcohol was present.

Interstate 5 (I-5) is the main north-south Interstate Highway on the West Coast of the United States, running largely parallel to the Pacific Coast. It runs through several California counties including Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties.

Per reports, the deadliest spot happens to be in San Diego: "In this sector, 110 people were killed in 99 fatal accidents. Beyond San Diego County, at least 50 people were killed in fatal automobile crashes in Los Angeles, Kern, Orange, San Joaquin and Sacramento County’s portions of I-5."

Reasons for the horrifying number of fatal crashes have been attributed in part to the semi-trucks on the highway, traffic congestion, drunk driving as well as drivers who drive over the speed limit: "A lot of semi-trucks on this roadway. When you combine semi-trucks and automobiles, the accidents that do occur can be deadly. They are typically more deadly because you have loaded trucks that are higher weight. You also have people that may be on this portion of the freeway they may be driving faster."

Coming in second as the deadliest road in the US, according to ValuePenguin, is US Route 1 in Florida which has taken the lives of 570 people in 534 crashes.

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