The Cane Spider Has an Impressive Legspan Up To 6 Inches Wide!

Yana Bostongirl

The Cane spider is known by various names in different places. Some of the more common ones are the giant crab spider, brown huntsman, banana spider, laya, and big brown spider. It is a nocturnal arachnid that lives in subtropical regions of the world. Their favorite haunts are cane fields, avocado and banana groves as well as people's homes and cars.

Per reports, the cane spider made its way to the US in banana shipments from Central America and can now be found in Hawaii, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and California.

Big brown spider is an apt moniker for this frightening arachnid as is described by this excerpt: "Cane spiders are large, flat-bodied arachnids with two rows of eyes and long, hairy legs. Their bodies are about an inch long, with a leg span that reaches up to 5 inches wide." Though they bite when provoked, they tend to mind their business for the most part which is the pursuit of cockroaches and other bugs.

In addition to sporting an impressive legspan of up to 6 inches, the cane spiders can be frightening to humans for other reasons such as their ability to jump, the fact that they are fast, and have a habit of hiding behind the sun visors of cars or spradling the back of a car seat. In homes, they hide behind pictures and cupboards which may come as a nasty and totally unwelcome surprise to some.

The cane spider is also considered to be beneficial because they prey on the pests in cane fields and act as a natural exterminator of cockroaches in people's houses.

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