The Largest Alligator Ever Recorded Was Found in Louisiana

Yana Bostongirl

Alligators are known to flourish in the rivers and lakes in the southern parts of the United States so it is not a surprise that the largest alligator ever recorded was found in Marsh Island, Louisiana in 1890. Legend has it that the epic beast measured 19.2 feet in length (5.85m), however, this has not been verified.

Although the average adult American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) grows to around 13-14 feet in length, some of these reptiles have been known to exceed this length for example the enormous Stokes alligator.

According to reports, the Stokes alligator is the largest officially verified alligator in the world coming in at a monstrous 15.9 feet in length and weighing a massive 1,011.5 pounds. This gargantuan alligator was killed by Mandy Stokes, a mother of two from Alabama in 2014. Part of the legend surrounding the kill is that Mandy Stokes, in true Southern style, wore perfume and pearls to the hunt.

This is what she said in an interview: "He’s a sight to be seen. This is the truth: Every time I see that alligator mount, I say to myself, ‘How in the world did we do that?’ It really is remarkable.” Reports indicate that the huge size of the alligator broke the winch that was first used to weigh it after which a backhoe had to be enlisted in order to properly weigh the alligator.

At present, the Stokes trophy is on display at Miller's Ferry Powerhouse on the Alabama River in Camden, Alabama.

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