The Largest Recorded White Shark was Dubbed "El Monstruo"

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Tales of monstrously huge Great White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) roaming the seas have been floating around for a long time. Some have even been captured but their size has not been correctly verified due to problems with measurements.

In 1945, the local fisherman of the tiny village of Cojimar, Cuba made a shocking haul. They captured a behemoth Great White shark that was said to be over 21 feet and weighed a massive 7000 pounds. Dubbed "El Monstruo," this shark quickly became a worldwide phenomenon.

This is an excerpt that gives further details about "El Monstruo": "Although the weight of this shark was never measured, it is still considered the largest recorded white shark ever caught due to its 21-foot length. It was caught by six fishermen from Cojimar, Cuba in 1945. This great white was caught in the Gulf of Mexico, only a few miles from their home. It has been called “El Monstruo de Cojimar” (The Monster of Cojimar)."

Since this incident occurred at a time before standardized measurements, experts are of the opinion that while the Cojimar shark was no doubt huge, it may not have been over 21 feet in length as claimed. This is a black and white photo of the shark that depicts the children of the village sitting on the "El Monstruo."
Cojimar sharkTwitter

According to reports, an analysis of the photo done by experts such as R. Aidan Martin of the ReefQuest Center for Shark Research revealed the following: "The shark fell short of its stated size. Martin instead concluded it measured around 16 feet (4.9 meters) in length, with a weight that’s hard to determine just based on a single photo."

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