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The First Great White Shark Of the Season Spotted Off of Nantucket

Yana Bostongirl

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy confirmed the first Great White shark sighting of the season on Memorial Day. A video of the apex predator feeding on a seal in a seal colony off of Nantucket was shared by the Conservancy on their Twitter account.

According to shark experts, Great White sightings before the official start of summer are normal.

John Chisholm, a Massachusetts-based shark expert, and local citizen science coordinator for the Sharktivity app had this to say to the Boston Herald: “Everything is unfolding right on schedule. This first sighting is probably more dramatic than in past years because it was witnessed by so many people and captured on video, but it’s right on schedule.”

As per reports, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in collaboration with the New England Aquarium is asking residents to report shark sightings via the Sharktivity app in order to prevent encounters between humans and sharks. Here is an excerpt that further explains the initiative: "By enabling app users to report shark sightings and upload photos, the Conservancy is gathering information on where sharks are spotted to minimize encounters and promote safety."

Even though the video shared by the Conservancy shows the Great White uncomfortably close to the shore, it is attributed to the seals which attract sharks during the summer. Beachgoers are cautioned not to wade into waters above their waist and also to look out for purple flags that warn of sharks in the area. The reason for this, according to experts, is that sharks in the region spend about half their time in water that's under 15 feet deep.

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