A Great White Dubbed the Canada Shark Is the Longest Accurately Measured Shark Ever Recorded

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Great White sharkPhoto by Alex Steyn

In 1988 fisherman David McKendrick found a massive Great White tangled in his nets while fishing Canada’s Prince Edward Island. The shark, however, died before it could be brought to the surface. As per reports, the Canadian Shark Research Center considers the Canada Shark, as the world’s largest accurately measured great white at 20 feet (6.1 meters) in length.

This length is considered to be in the line with what experts believe to be the maximum size for a Great White.

Here is an excerpt that describes the typical length of Great Whites: "The average great white shark is between 13 and 16 feet long, and they typically weigh between 1,500 to 2,450 pounds. With rows of saw-like teeth, they are dangerous hunters, whose speed and sharp senses help them to ambush and incapacitate their prey."

Even though the Canada Shark is considered the world's largest accurately measured Great White shark, there are others who are vying for the title of the largest Great White ever caught.

For example, a 21-foot Great White dubbed the "Cojimar Specimen," was caught off the waters of Cuba in 1945. It is often referred to as the largest Great White ever recorded. This is an excerpt that describes what happened when the behemoth was hauled out of the water and brought onto the beach: "At the time, an entire village seemed to come out for the photo. Several adults stood in the background, while kids sat on the long-dead shark, legs dangling over the side."

Again in 1997, a 22-foot-long Great White that weighed a staggering 5,500 pounds was caught off the coast of Taiwan. According to reports, its length has not been confirmed.

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