A Behemoth Great White Shark Named Ironbound is Cruising Up and Down the East Coast

Yana Bostongirl

Ironbound is a Great White from Canada who has been cruising up and down the East Coast looking for seals. As per reports, this 12-foot Great White that weighs 1000 pounds was captured and tagged near West Ironbound Island, Nova Scotia in 2019 thus enabling researchers to track his movements.

Ironbound is known to have traveled as far south as the Straits of Florida and as far west as the Gulf of Mexico. This is an excerpt from an article that describes his travels: "Since 2019, Ironbound has traveled 13,000 miles from Canada to the Florida Keys, where sharks like to go to spend time in warm water in the colder months."

Recently, however, Ironbound's tracker shows that the Great White emerged ahead of schedule in the waters off of the Jersey Shore in April and again in the southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in May.

In an interview with Today, the founder of the nonprofit research group Ocearch, Chris Fischer explains the reason why the shark appeared this far north: "They hit that cold, cold water that's trapped against the beach, and they're like, 'Oh man, it's too early. They've got to wait for the water temperature to get warm enough so when they slide in there to eat the seals that it's not so cold that the energy to stay warm exceeds the energy they get from the seal."

Ironbound will be making his move up to Nova Scotia to bulk up on seal for the winter months once the waters have warmed up to his liking.

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