A Colorado Guy Became a Musical Genius After Suffering from Head Trauma in 2006

Yana Bostongirl

Though it may sound like something straight out of movies, in the case of the then 40-year-old Derk Amato, it happens to be true. He suffered a head injury following an accident in a shallow pool and came out of it a musical genius.

Prior to this life-changing event, Derek had tried a series of jobs and had also struggled with homelessness.

According to an article published by the dailymail.co.uk, Derek is one of only 30 people in the world who suffers from Acquired Savant Syndrome, where people display profound abilities after suffering head trauma. In Derek's case, he was able to play eight different musical instruments without having taken a single lesson in his life. These are the words he posted on his blog following the accident: "Upon being diagnosed with acquired musical savant syndrome and Synesteshia, this condition and miraculous discovery would now make me one in seven billion, and the only medically documented case of this particular nature on the planet!"

Doctors attribute his sudden musical ability to his brain being altered by the impact of a major concussion following his accident.

This is an excerpt from another article where Derek described his ability to see sound: “When I woke up, I realized I had been sleeping for five days, and all of a sudden my hands were extremely fidgety and nervous, almost like tapping nervous. I recognized that right away, and I was seeing these blocks and squares going in motion. It was all out of whack…I was seeing squares, they were black and white.”

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