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Authorities Discover Cash in Slow Cooker and a 10 inch Butcher Knife in Baby Car Seat at Airport Checkpoints

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An article published by reports that TSA officers stopped a female passenger who was carrying $10,000 worth of cash in a slow cooker at the Boston Logan International Airport. This is what TSA spokesperson Dan Velez wrote in a tweet: “Not sure why the passenger decided to hide money in a slow cooker,”

In yet another incident, officers at Boston Logan International man discovered a foot-long metal blade with a wooden handle in a walking cane when the person tried to take it past the security checkpoint. According to a report in, TSA spokesperson Dan Velez said the man, when questioned, said he did not know that the cane carried the blade. The passenger was later allowed to board his flight after surrendering his cane.

The report of this incident comes on the heels of the discovery of a 10-inch butcher's knife in a baby car seat. According to an article published by, passengers cannot carry knives, both the butter or bladed variety, in their carry-on luggage but are allowed to do so with their checked-in luggage after properly wrapping it to prevent damage or injury.

The article also reports that the TSA of New England uploaded pictures of the car seat and knife to their Twitter account with this tweet: “We love babies....but not butcher knives!”

Lisa Fabstein of the TSA tweeted another incident of a passenger who tried to get past airport security with a dagger concealed as a hairbrush handle at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport. This is what her tweet says: Being well groomed and well armed are two very different things."

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