Why Pick a Name That Means "Flat Tire," "No go" or "Rubbish" for a Car?

Yana Bostongirl

Over the years, the names some car makers have come up with for their cars have left many scratching their heads. The list of downright weird car names includes the following:

Chevy Nova: No va literally means no go in Spanish which is probably not the ideal name for a car.

Tiguan: This name is a tiger and iguana combo and appeals to those drivers who are looking to have both a lizard and big cat in their car name.

AMC Gremlin: This car seemed to have lived up to its name as an article in the globalandmail seems to suggest: "The Gremlin's handling was atrocious, its engine was crippled by emissions control equipment, and the flip-up back window was prone to breaking off in a driver's hands."

AMC Matador: Matador literally means killer in Spanish

Mitsubishi Pajero: This is what an article from whichcar.com.au had to say about why the name Pajero may sound awkward in certain countries: "A fine off-roader and a fine name for English-speakers, but plenty of people are blissfully unaware that, in Spanish, this car is essentially called the Mistubishi Wanker or Jerk. Don’t go asking to rent a Pajero if you visit Mexico."

Lamborghini Reventon: This supercar literally means flat tire in Spanish.

Rolls Royce "Silver Mist": The name "Mist" has been ridiculed by some because it means rubbish in German.

Mazda LaPuta: Yes, this was a car produced by Mazda and the name does make one wonder whether the makers chose it without proper research as it literally means "prostitute" in Spanish.

Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce: This name makes one think that the person who named it must have been a big fan of lettuce.

Studebaker Dictator: This is an excerpt from an article published in AAA which explains why naming a car "dictator" was a bad choice: "It’s hard to imagine a period when this name would have ever worked, but Studebaker picked the absolute worst time in history to try to sell the American driving public on the Dictator: the advent of World War II."

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