A Mysterious Village That Is Actually a Series of Crypts

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A mysterious medieval necropolis near the village of Dargavs in Russia is number 9 on a list of Bustle’s creepiest places on earth. Rumors abound among the locals that those who venture there never come back.

According to bbc.com about the 99 crypts that dot a 17km long valley in the Caucasus Mountains: "Today, the site comprises 99 remarkably conserved medieval curved-roof crypts with single windows. Some of the corpses inside are so well preserved that flesh is still attached to their bones."

While some think that conservation of the existing space during the Mongol Tatar invasion of the 13th century may have been one reason for the building of these crypts, others think it may be the influence of the Indo-Iranians. Yet others attribute it to the plagues as a result of which people quarantined themselves in individual crypts.

A strange observation made was that many were buried in boat-shaped coffins complete with oars while other bodies were discovered with an oar next to them although there are no rivers nearby. This led some historians to suggest that this was because the dead were expected to cross a river into the afterlife.

An article published by news.com.au further describes these mysterious crypts: "Historians say each crypt has a well out the front, which played as a crucial role when signifying if a loved one had made it to the next world. If they dropped a coin down the well and it happened to hit a stone when it reached the bottom, it was said to be a good sign."

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