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Dallas QAnon believers disappointed that JFK Jr. didn’t show up

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Imagine if you are one of those lined up in the streets of Dallas waiting for somebody you expect and didn't show.

How would you feel?

Except that the person you are expecting has been dead since 1999.

The crowd who believes in the misinformation and lies spread by QAnon thinks that JFK Jr. is alive and was working behind the scenes and made sure that Donald Trump is elected as US president, and in some reports, JFK Jr. will be Trump's VP in 2024.

And it gets weirder when JFK Jr. didn't show up. They started believing that JFK Jr. was in a Rolling Stone concert.

And of course, the late-night TV shows had a blast with the story, making fun of the people who were earnestly waiting on the streets of Dallas, waiting for the resurrection not only of JFK Jr. but also JFK Sr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. has long been an obsession for a faction of QAnon supporters, even as their beliefs that JFK Jr. faked his 1999 plane-crash death and will return to run as Donald Trump’s vice president have faced ridicule from other QAnon believers. On Tuesday, the conspiracy theorists were drawn to the site of the Kennedy assassination by claims made by obscure channels on the social media app Telegram with names like “Negative48” and “Whiplash347.”

There is danger in believing these outright lies. Not only are they designed to fool people, but they can one day present a clear and present danger to themselves and society at large.

Misinformation and Disinformation are like viruses. They spread fast, and the only way to cure it is by sharing the truth.

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