Be An Animal Not Human.

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If it were so that animals could speak, what would they tell us?

One day I was on my way home from school. Along the way I saw an old donkey. He could barely walk. Seeing his condition, I felt sorry for him. From me It was said, ‘The owner of this will be really careless and selfish.

‘Guys! You are right My boss is actually careless and selfish. Not only that, the whole human race is selfish and greedy. My boss did me a lot of hard work in my youth. I can't work like before because I'm old and weak. So, he kicked me out of his house. I served him from morning to evening, regardless of the heat or the rain. He would leave home early in the morning and wander about in search of work. I lived with him. Clay, sand, bricks, rubble, etc. were imposed on my back all day. Carrying this load on my back, I would deliver it wherever the owner wanted.

Although often hungry and thirsty, I served the ownership. Often there is so much work that there is no time to eat or drink. Yet I faithfully served my master for years. As his business grew, so did his income. He took a luxurious home. Bought a tempo. Day by day he became richer and richer. I am now old and weak. Now I am of no use to him. Although I served him all my life, he made me wander in my old age. Many animals like me have experienced the selfishness and greed of mankind.

The dog is a loyal animal. Mankind has not appreciated it properly. The man tied the dog's neck with a leash, put a chain in it and enslaved it. The dog guards his house twenty-four hours a day, too. When a dog grows old, man does not take care of it. Horses, camels, cows, buffaloes, oxen, elephants, etc., all have the same miserable condition.

Man takes care of cows and buffaloes till they give milk, but does not take care of old animals. The poor ox and the camel serve the man by working hard. They carry a load of heavy luggage for life. When he grows old and infirm, he is left to trust God.

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