Hailstorm ice shaped as Coronavirus

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The image on the right is the hail storm ice which is compared to the Coronavirus on the left.Imgur

Coronavirus-shaped hailstones have been appearing all over the world and many believe that it could possibly be a message from God and it is no coincidence.

People living in Montemorelos in Mexico, Beijing in Japan and Johannesburg in South Africa have witnessed hail stones they say look like the coronavirus, which are usually spherical and typically have big crown-like spikes.

Locals shared images of the weather event on social media, commenting on the curious formation of the hailstones which they compared to the shape of the coronavirus.

The particles of coronavirus in humans are usually spherical and typically have big crown-like spikes.

According to the meteorologist and consultant of the World Meteorologist Organisation, Jose Miguel Vinas, “the peculiar shape of the hailstone is actually a frequent occurrence in storms of magnitude.”

Miguel Vinas told local media: "Inside a storm, a hailstone will start off as a small spherical form and accumulate layers of ice on top.

"During very strong storms when the hailstone are already quite big and smash together, many of them fuse together, smashing together and squashing each other, forming spikes of ice.”

According to the reports, the locals interpreted the event as an 'Act of God'. Interestingly, someone has shared images of "coronavirus-shaped" hailstones and then the images started pouring in from across the world on social media. The meteorology experts had said that it was a common sight in hailstorms. They reportedly said that the spikey shape of the hailstone is caused by the swirling ice smashing into other bits of swirling ice. According to the reports, it kept people indoors as Mexico witnesses rising cases of coronavirus.

The one question is

“Is if an act from God or just a coincidence?”

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