Signs There's a Ghost in Your House and What to Do About It

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As a lover of horror films and paranormal television shows, I’ve been lucky with my living quarters so far. I’ve never had to deal with an unwelcome ghostly roommate. Yet maybe you have. Or maybe you are doing so right now, and they are reading this post over your shoulder, and you aren’t aware of anything weird besides a creeping feeling. If you want to protect yourself you should know the signs of a haunting. Then, once you’ve confirmed there is a ghost, you can do something about it.

What are the signs?

Your pets are freaking out

Animals of all kinds are known for their keen senses. Except for fish. Unless a ghost is literally in their water bowl. But besides a water-based ghost, fish suck at detecting hauntings. Watch your other gill-less animals. Are they staring intently and growling at nothing? Do they fear going into a room? If your animal is being weirder than normal, they may sense something you don’t.

You are hearing weird noises or voices

Yes, houses settle. However, homes do not cackle. Or say your name. Hearing sounds is a pretty foreboding experience. Particularly, if you were half-asleep, you end up wondering if you really did hear anything. By process of elimination, go through your home and make sure no one is listening to YouTube. Check your windows to see if neighborhood voices slipped inside. When you can’t locate the source, consider other possibilities.

You are sure something is moving your things

When a key, notebook, or baby is suddenly not where they were supposed to be, something may be afoot. You might have absentmindedly put them in the wrong spot yourself. This is quite common. Or perhaps there really is a ghost playing keep-away with your stuff. Monitor the situation. Have a designated spot that you ALWAYS put your mail or keys so you know without a doubt if you are the one moving the objects.

Thermostats don’t affect only one area

According to ghost experts, spirits who use the energy create cold spots around them. This causes the temperature to decrease in a certain area. When you can’t explain sudden temperature shifts around the house, it could be a long-dead person raising your utility bill. Grab a sweater and stay out of those cold areas if you can, while looking for cracks to double-check that no drafts are infiltrating your house.

What should you do?

Ok, let’s say all the above could not be explained away with logical reasoning. In which case, you might actually have a haunting on your hands. Now you have to take the next steps.

Get some sleep if you can

Yes, this might seem condescending, but you have to do it. We are more likely to experience things like sleep paralysis, forgetfulness, and overactive imaginations when we are tired. This means that (most) of the above signs are actually your brain playing tricks on you. Take some sleeping aids or go to a motel for a night or two. You’d be surprised how different a situation can look when you are well-rested.


If your house is haunted by a human ghost, chances are that someone died in that location. Sorry! You should have visited a website that tells you that information because only some states require real estate agents to inform you outright. Whoops. The research will also show you if there is any pattern of people dying in the home. Which means you might be next.

Get a second opinion of someone you trustz

Invite over a good friend (or a not-good one who you feel deserves a scare) and see if they notice anything weird. Having another person who can confirm that weird things are happening will make your case stronger.

Gather evidence

Show thermometers in cold areas. Record strange sounds. Record doors opening by themselves. You will have to prove your findings later, so get as much as you can.

Call for help

Depending on the seriousness of the situation and your own personal beliefs, you have a few options. Faith-based exorcisms are available, but they are apparently quite strict in choosing who they aid. Professional mediums can help spirits move on and even cleanse home. Though if you hire professional paranormal investigators you might end up on a television show, so that’s always cool.

Hope that you are only renting

Sometimes you just can’t budge those ghosts. When that happens you have to learn to live with them. Should that be impossible, consider moving. Landlords don’t like renting to ghosts, so you have a better chance of finding a new place than they do.

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