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Monsters have changed over time What was scary in the 1500s can be downright funny in modern times.


You might think this monster looks like a broken umbrella. And you would be absolutely right. That’s because this is a Kasa-Obake and it basically a trashed umbrella come to life. You thought you were trash because you like cheese from those plastic cracker racks over nicer Parmesan? Well, let me tell you about this variation of the Tsukumogami, a breed of Japanese demon born out of items tossed aside that didn’t get any respect. They can be nearly anything. Some can get downright violent. Think of all the ways you trash-talked your microwave before throwing it away. Now imagine what it would do if it came back from the dump.

For some fortunate reason, the Kasa-Obake is not overly vengeful. It’s rather silly, actually. The most harmful thing it does is follow people around, licking them. When you think about it, that’s basically the opposite of keeping them dry in life. Super evil, right?
Umbrella licking victimby author


The Alps aren’t just mountains. They are also tiny little vampires that haunt homes in Germany. They can go invisible, cause devastation, and like all vampires, suck out your life energy. Blood too. One thing is quite different from other vampires and that is their weakness. They wear a very silly cap. The style differs in each rendering but one thing is certain throughout the stories. Without that hat they are powerless. Put your fan on “high” before you go to sleep, it might blow the hat off during an attack.
Alp's hat flying awayby author


The squonk is a monster unlike any other. Mostly because it’s not really a monster at all, in the usual sense. It doesn’t cause damage, eat people, protect, bring bad luck or any other cool mythological creature thing. Found in only one place, the forests of Pennsylvania, the squonk is an ugly monster who cries. A lot. And that’s it.

How often does it cry? All the time. It cries because it is ugly. In fact, it cries so much that its entire life is being born, realizing it is ugly, then crying until it dissolves into a messy weepy puddle. Kind of like if you felt like you did in middle school but forever until you died.

I’m not sure how or why this monster was created in the imagination of the Pennsylvanian lumberjacks, but one thing is for sure. Several girls back in the day were probably called squonks during their formative years because of it.
A hideous monster cryingby author


Forests are ripe for monsters. Often it is the woodsmen who are letting the rest of the world know of their existence. The Eloko is just another among the get-the-hell-out-of-my-forest variety. Hailing from the Congo, they live in forests and eat those who trespass. Their bodies are covered in the leaves that make up the trees, so you won’t see them until it’s too late. Though they make the sound of bells ringing right before they attack or if they are nearby.

So if it sounds like a bunch of people are walking into a convenience store while you are getting ready to chop down a tree in the forest, run! More than likely this was a tale designed to make people think twice before wasting resources. Plus another forest monster would help keep kids away from the woods so they wouldn’t be eaten by real animals. I like to think that the adults took turns pretending to be elokos as the parents did in that movie The Village.
Forest monsterby author


The shurale is a European monster of immense size with a horn on its head and long fingers which it uses to catch its prey. Oh, and to tickle them…TO DEATH! Yeah no, really, that is how the shurale kills its victims, by extreme tickling. Being ticklish, I know that sometimes I scream, “Stop, I’m gonna die,” when people have tickled me. Because of this, it’s not too hard to believe that someone with a similar weakness manifested this monster into existence during one scary story contest.
Monster tickling victim to deathby author

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