Houston Rockets' Offseason Needs and Trade Targets/Rumors

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It's no secret that the Rockets had a far from perfect season being that they lost their superstar James Harden. But, what they do this offseason has the potential to determine just how well the team is set up for the future. Aside from the Jalen Green news that many reporters have been discussing, we have to talk about the Rockets' other needs and musts this offseason, there is a lot more riding on this offseason than people think. Like I said in a previous article, it was clear that John Wall was a shell of what he used to be, and with the Rockets more than likely picking Jalen Green I think that this team should trade him… because not only is he an overpay, but also an injury liability at this point. In my eyes, Wall would be very hard to move because he is the most overpaid player in the league… But, I could see a world in which the Rockets make a trade with someone like the Pelicans for other overpaid players like Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe. At the surface of this deal it may not seem like a good one for the Rockets to make, but keep in mind that Steven Adams is on an expiring deal so this would free up cap space for the Rockets a lot quicker which in turn could help them out in an upcoming free agency. John Wall is a solid player despite his unbearable contract, but if this team picks green they will have their guards for the future which doesn’t give much incentive to hold onto Wall. Wall isn’t the only one that this team should get rid of though, because there are some players on expiring deals that the Rockets should not invest in for the long-term future. In my eyes, guys like Kelly Olynyk and Dante Exum should not be brought back because they just aren’t on the same timeline as this team. Although this team will have some cap space restrictions because of the fact that John Wall is on their roster, I think that they could have enough space to sign a young stud to a big deal if they do what I just mentioned… And there are a few guys who are available that would add to the potential for this team even more. It’s no secret that the free agency class this year is far from good star players-wise, but I think that a lot of people are sleeping on the young talent that will be available for teams like the Rockets that want to kick start their rebuild. I already mentioned the rim-protecting center Jared Allen, but there are a few more young players entering free agency I think the Rockets should target. This franchise definitely has a few routes they could go which is good, because they could either draft a guard like the rumors are saying and sign a young center, or draft the big man Mobley and get a guard in free agency.

If the Rockets decide to draft green which at the moment is the most likely scenario, they will have a few very interesting big men that they could target in 2021 Free agency. In an ideal world, this team makes a move and signs Jarredd Allen who could be a rim protector just in case KPJ and Green aren’t the best defenders… But there is also another guy that might be an even better signing than Allen… That player being Reshaun Holmes of the Kings. It’s no surprise that yet another promising player will be leaving the kings this offseason because they just can’t get it together and win… not to mention that Holmes is worthy of a big deal that this team can’t afford. Although Holmes isn’t the modern-day floor-spacing center he has shown that he can be a quality starter, and at age 27 he could be a part of the Rockets for the next handful of years and be the big man that they need. Holmes has an elite floater game, and if this team can’t convince Jarrett Allen to sign, this would be a solid option. Another big man on the market this summer is Mitchell Robinson of the Knicks, and although he hasn’t proved himself like homes and Allen have he fits on the timeline of the younger guys a lot more, so it’s something to consider for the rockets. The Knicks have the cap space to match a deal from the rockets, but they might not want to, being that they will be looking to make a splash for a big name to make them even better than they were last year. But aside from that, even though the Rockets are rumored to pick Green in the draft this year, there is a solid chance that they pick Mobley instead… And in this case, there are a few young guards that they could target in free agency that would still get them a great young core. With KPJ able to play either guard this gives the team a lot of flexibility… But in my eyes, there is only one guy that the Rockets should target. That player being Talen Horton Tucker of the Lakers. With Horton Tucker having a unique contract he is already a restricted free agent this year at age 20, and with what he has shown he can do there is a very good chance that teams will overpay so they can lock him in for the future. THT has one of those special builds that you don’t see often with Guards… And with his insane wingspan and hand size, he is built to be one of the best two-way guards in the league by far. If the Rockets were to offer Talen Horton Tucker a slight overpay long-term deal, they would have their guards for the future locked in… And you can’t deny that Tucker and KPJ would be a nasty duo for years to come. There are other guys that this team could target like Gary Trent jr and Duncan Robinson, but if the only reason they should pass on Jalen Green is if they think they can get tucker, or if they really believe in Mobley that much.

To say the least it will be very interesting to see what the Rockets decide to do and if they are able to attract any young talent to their team in free agency because in my eyes that is the key to speeding up their rebuild and setting them up right for the future. No matter what the Rockets do, they have the second pick in the draft, so it’s safe to say they will be winners this offseason regardless of what else they do.

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