COMING SOON: The MONTANA LAKE That Flooded OREGON! Chasing Lake Missoula. Travel VLOG.

The repeated violent collapse of the ice dam that formed Glacial Lake Missoula, a now long gone lake half the size of Lake Michigan, is one of the most incredible geologic stories known. However, few have heard of these cataclysmic events, or know the origin of the vast scars of the floods that discharged more water than 10x all of the world's rivers combined. Soon on Wonderlust Adventures, I will bring you the wonder in this story, by following the paths of the Lake Missoula Floods from western Montana to the Oregon coast, and bringing you the beauty and history of the places the floods covered along the way. Prepare to have your minds blown. :) For more videos like this, please follow the channel here, and also check out the Wonderlust Adventures YouTube page!

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For much of my life, I've had an immense fascination for the natural world and its inhabitants. This fascination has always driven me to wonder to share those feelings of wonder with other people. "Wonderlust" was the name I gave to that feeling (A name given to my YouTube channel as well: ). Here, I hope to bring to you improved understanding and appreciation for nature in its many forms across the world, and the human history that has existed in those places. I film my travels in a highly cinematic style, and with corresponding narration aim to both educate on the history of these places and inspire wonder for the astonishing aspects of the natural world. While here, and in your own journeys, wander in wonder.

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