Do you consider Zodiac Signs when Dating?

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I never gave Zodiac signs much thought until last year; I’m going to keep it real. I’m 33 going on 34 this year.  Now that I have researched the topic a little bit about Astrology; I’m beginning to feel that it holds a bit of truth, and or can be acknowledged on a foundational and communicative basis; not an “end all be all” way to identify a person. We all have similar and different ways to communicate; rather through friendship, and or romance. We all have social norms, cultural differences, and quirks that we intentionally and unintentionally communicate to the open world.  Once I began to research my own Zodiac sign, and communication style; and further researching the signs to those around me; my connections with the outside world began to make more sense to me. 

I’m a Virgo; my ruling planet is Mercury, my element is Earth which I share with both signs: Capricorn, and Taurus. I’m most compatible with either other Earth signs, and or Water signs; water soils dirt; the earth, and plants and vegetables grow; its science, it’s natural, and it’s God. Soil: the earth, dirt, sand; allows for water to filter into a place; to rest and nourish; being wanted and needed. I sat back and reflected on my journey, and from what I could remember; all of my best relationships fell into these Zodiac Signs and Elements: Earth and Water. My mother and my eldest sister; two strong maternal figures that raised me; were both Taurus’s: Earth signs. My second eldest sister is a Cancer; water sign; highly compatible with my mother, eldest sister, and myself. My youngest sister; the baby; is a Libra; an Air sign. Just as amazing and genius as my other sisters; the baby; and like the baby; she’s a different energy from us older three. She’s the only air sign and the baby of four siblings; the only sign she’s most compatible with is my Father; who happens to be a Sagittarius; a fire sign; fire and air fuel each other and burn bright. Coincidentally; she’s a Daddy’s girl, and he always spoiled and looked out for her tremendously. I don’t think they even realize how astronomically strong their relationship is and was; they only chalked it up to the fact that they were Father and Daughter and shared similar behaviors; their Zodiac elements happens to be compatible: Air and Fire.
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I also see communication rifts in my parent’s relationship. My mother is a Taurus, Earth sign, and my Father is a Sagittarius, a fire sign; and I can remember hearing and seeing their moments of miscommunications and small disputes over the years. They get along; they love each other, and they are still together (non-married) but every now and then they hit a brick wall when communicating and manifesting goals. My mother will express a slight frustration with or about my father; and as I’m getting older and researching astrology; I’m chalking it up to medium compatibility between Earth and Fire signs: my parent’s trivial moments of miscommunication throughout the years. I think about weed/ marijuana when it comes to Earth and Fire signs; fire burns the tree, the herb; it latches on and burns it away but the vibe is good while it lasts. The high is good while it lasts. When the fire hits the blunt; and lights that beautiful green earthly element; good feelings and vibes arise in the body and mind. It’s fun while it last but the fire can burn out the earth; burn all the weed to ash. And; the high surely doesn’t last forever…. But you can always roll and light another blunt. For the record: my parents are still currently together; medium compatibility and all. 

My Wife happens to be a Scorpio; a water sign to my earthly Virgo ways. My wife and I have both a good friendship and romantic relationship within our marriage. Now in our thirties; we’ve together since our young adult years; I researched and realized that both of our zodiac signs are highly compatible with one another. It makes sense: even through our ups and downs; good times and bad; underneath it all; we both always had an innate mentality to work, repair, and nourish our relationship; verbatim or unspoken. It was if our souls always had an understanding that we’d rather be with each other, and no one else; even when we broke up and dated other people; we still preferred each other’s vibe. I chalk our love story up to our experiences but I can’t help but realize my wife is Virgos most compatible zodiac sign: Scorpio. I also realize in other spaces: be it work, school; Scorpios naturally like the way I communicate. Scorpios more so than other water signs: Pisces and Cancer.
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My wife wasn’t my only romantic relationship in my young adult years. I sit back and think about past ex’s, and love trysts; I now consider their Zodiac signs, and it helps me understand why some relationships worked and other didn’t work out so well. Like I said; Zodiac signs aren’t the end all be all: we must consider cultural backgrounds, gender, income level, education, etc. All of these components make us all unique but at the base level: considering Astrology and the zodiac signs can help with communication and vibes. For me: Earth and Water signs come to me naturally in friendship and love. It’s up to time to add or subtract from those relationships. Fire signs I have medium compatibility with; Air signs are a mystery to me: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; we hit a brick wall when communicating. No beef with me and air signs: I just feel like there’s a miscommunication that always arise, and neither of us can ever pin point it. Gemini and Virgo both are ruled by planet Mercury; but the elements of Air and Earth doesn’t necessarily mix well: I’ve had two failed relationships with Gemini women. The sex was fun but communication was stale. I’ve dated a couple Sagittarius women as well. Earth signs treat me like a brother, cousin, son, and friend: I tend to get friendship vibes from other earth signs: although I slept with one Taurus woman. Air Signs: we don’t understand each other, Fire signs: love me and hate me but love me when it’s convenient, and water signs: love me but hate the fact that they can’t have me all to themselves. 

~ WNY Johnny

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