Love in Action: A Son's Willingness to Donate a Kidney for His Father So He Can Avoid Death

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Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can be a heart-wrenching diagnosis for anyone to receive. When John Howe learned he had this genetic disorder, he knew he was in for a long and difficult road. For twelve years, John fought bravely as he watched his condition deteriorate day by day. His local nephrologist did what he could, but there was only so much that could be done to help.

John eventually started undergoing peritoneal dialysis, which gave him a little more freedom than traditional dialysis but still required a significant time commitment every day. He longed for a way out of this daily routine, but the thought of asking someone to donate a kidney was simply too much for him to bear. It seemed like such a huge ask, and he didn't want to burden anyone with such a big favor.

However, time was running out for John. If he didn't receive a kidney soon, his health would continue to decline, and he might not be able to live without one. That's when his son Nathan stepped in. He suggested that John look into living organ donation, explaining that blood relatives are often the best fit.

At first, John was hesitant, but Nathan surprised him by going through the donor evaluation process and finding out he was a healthy match. Using a minimally invasive method called laparoscopic donor nephrectomy, Nathan's kidney was removed and transplanted into John.

Although John was hesitant to accept his son's life-saving gift, he knew he had no other option. After the surgery, he noticed immediate improvements in his health. His urine flow increased significantly, and the itching caused by too much phosphorus in his system disappeared.

John knew that his son had given him a priceless gift, one that had made a huge difference in his quality of life. He was grateful for all the blessings he had encountered on his life's path, and he loved to joke that his new kidney was only half his age, even though he himself was 74 years old. It was no joke, though - John's kidney transplant and subsequent surgeries had allowed him to resume a normal life after spending two and a half years on dialysis.

This heartwarming story illustrates the incredible power of living organ donation. For those in need of a transplant, finding a living donor can significantly reduce the wait time and increase the chances of success. It also highlights the strength of love and the willingness of family members to make incredible personal sacrifices to help their loved ones. The gift of life is the most precious gift of all, and John is grateful every day for the incredible gift his son Nathan gave him.

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