Opinion: Salary Talk: Taboo or Necessary?

William Saint Val

Companies claim that it's taboo to talk to your coworkers about salary. However, knowing what your colleagues make is a great way to understand your worth to your job.

Austin Distel

In the business world, it is often said that talking about salary is taboo. Companies discourage employees from discussing salaries, as this can lead to envy and bitterness within the workplace. While this may be true to some extent, discussing compensation with your coworker is actually a perfect way to understand your value to a company. Discussing salaries is really no different than discussing your job duties or the number of hours you work each week. It's simply a way to get insight on what we're earning and how that compares to others in our field. Talking about salary should not be seen as taboo.

There's no need for secrecy. however, some people may be hesitant to discuss money matters with coworkers, so you should broach the topic with care.

When you know what others are making, you will have a better understanding of the salary range for your position and how much you should be earning. In short, talking openly about salary can help you make better informed decisions when it comes time to negotiate a new job offer or ask for a raise. It can also help you understand if you’re being underpaid relative to your peers and identify opportunities for career growth.

Compensation is something that everyone should be aware of, after all, it affects our livelihoods. There's no shame in trying to get the most out of what you work hard for. So, start talking about salaries, it could mean the difference between getting ahead and falling behind.

Ultimately, talking about your salary with a coworker should not be seen as taboo, but rather as a tool for empowerment. It is an opportunity to learn more about how much you are worth in today's economy.

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