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Opinion: Fox News Weatherman Beaten on NY Subway By Wilding Teens - And How to Punish the Boys

William "Dollar Bill" Mersey

In this partisan world where most politically-minded people are labeled a Democrat or Republican, I consider myself neither. I have my opinions — and I don’t care with which tribe they’re associated. Mostly, I’m a lefty. I believe in a woman’s right to abortion, gay rights, minority rights, and open borders.

But I am a redneck in some ways. I don’t go for people who think being on the dole in the world’s richest country is preferable to working for a living. And I’m not for coddling violent criminals. I’m for punishing them. And in some cases, an eye for an eye strikes me as appropriate. 

Enter yesterday’s news of Adam Klotz, a Fox News weatherman, taking a severe beating on a New York City subway early Sunday morning after watching his football team get clobbered in their playoff finale. 

According to the story, a group of from 6–8 teens were hassling an older gentleman on the train when Klotz stepped in to tell the boys they should cool it. In response, they turned on him and beat Klotz worse than the Eagles beat the Giants. (And that’s pretty bad.) Klotz suffered bruised ribs, black eyes, and facial cuts among other injuries.

Now here’s where my redneck side comes to play. The story goes on to report that the police apprehended a few of the perps and let them go a few hours later. And what I want to know is exactly what sort of deterrent is that? That’s not even a slap on the wrist!

When I read a story like this, I think an eye for an eye. It’s pretty obvious what happened here. We don’t need a judge or jury. We need to put 6–8 adults in a subway car with each of those teens separately, and have each "kid" alone battle 6 - 8 adults until he has two black eyes, bruised ribs, and facial cuts. 

And I want to be one of those adults because trust me — that little bastard will think twice before he pulls a stunt like he did with Klotz again. I just don’t think that sending him home to his mama is gonna make it. So there’s my redneck side. Call me what you want. That’s how I’d like to see the situation handled.

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