Opinion: Trump: Is Tax Fraud "Even a Crime?"

William "Dollar Bill" Mersey

Donald Trump never ceases to amaze. He has claimed to be a stable genius. But when Howard Stern asked him "How much is 17 times 6?" he responded "eleven twelve." During a speech "informing" the public about the American Revolutionary War, Donald claimed that the British took over the airports in the 1770's. Taped singing along to the national anthem, it was clear that Trump did not know the words! And that's just 3 examples of how Trump has amazed rational Americans.

And then yesterday, Donald not only amazed me - but he turned me into a Trump fan when he was quoted as questioning "Is tax fraud is even a crime?" Now, I have a dog in this fight. Several years ago, while I was earning a substantial living - and paid mostly in cash - I lent money due the US Treasury to municipalities so they could improve their infrastructure.

Is that "even a crime?" You bet your ass, it was! I lost 2/3rds of my life savings and spent a year in prison. And bear in mind, I didn't buy a Mercedes, pay for a grandkid's education, or pay my rent with the money. I lent it to cities to improve their bridges and roads! If Trump is right, why did I serve even a day and lose all that money? Bring back Trump! Bring back Trump!!

I'm kidding here, of course. I didn't like the treatment I got from the federal government. But I never thought I hadn't committed a crime. I knew what I was doing when I did it. And when I was caught, I owned my actions.

Trump is telling the public all this because he's deathly afraid that he himself will eventually be prosecuted and possibly convicted of tax fraud. So Trump being who he is - he's already beginning the campaign to make tax fraud legal. It's his American prerogative!

The idea that Trump didn't know how Weisselberg was diddling the finances at the Trump companies is preposterous. Trump is a guy who's always claimed to be super vigilant and on top of his game when it came to what goes on in his domain. Suddenly, he didn't know what Weisselberg was doing? Believe that and I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell you.

Add on that he has been caught evaluating many of his properties at different dollar levels - all according to how much he can save on taxes or borrow against them by changing those evaluations and what do you have? Walks like a duck and quacks like a duck? It's a duck.

Still, I love Donald. He's gonna get me my money back and fine the fed for locking me up for a year. So me being a selfish guy like Donald, I want him in. Even if he brings the entire country to its knees. Who cares? I'm selfish like Trump. Me, me, and me is all I care about. He's taught me well. And now he's on my side. Bring back Trump! Bring back Trump!

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