It's a Woman's World - When it comes to scoring on Tinder

William "Dollar Bill" Mersey

According to folklore, Tinder was a site from which a guy could score once upon a time. But if you can take Pinterest opinions on the subject as verifiable and true, that would no longer be the case.

It’s pretty much a given that having indiscriminate sex is much easier for a woman than a man when it comes to dating sites. I doubt anybody would dispute that statement. Guys tend to be predators on the prowl. A woman need only be willing. It’s all part of nature’s plan to successfully procreate the species.

But the extent to which horny women have an advantage on Tinder boggled my mind just yesterday when I read one of the Tinder girls’ profiles. In it she revealed that her account currently had 4000 likes! That’s 4000 guys who want to lie down with her. Wow! What chance would your average Joe have given that number? I know. About the same as winning the lottery. Or at least, almost as bad. And get this: The woman who made that claim wasn’t all that attractive. Tinder boasts much hotter girls than she. How many likes do they get? 10k?

I suppose I could phony up a female profile to verify all this. But that would take some time and effort to prove something I already know. Women might be second-class citizens next to men in many arenas. But when it comes to scoring sex when and if the mood strikes, they have a distinct advantage. Of course, the quality of the encounter might not be what she’d want. But the reality is the opportunity is there at the drop of a hat.

I scroll through Tinder profiles as a mindless activity I don’t ever expect to net me any sort of meeting let alone meaningful relationship of any sort — be it romantic or platonic. For me, it’s like walking down the street and checking out all the pretty girls in New York. I know it will all come to naught.

Currently, I have 48 outstanding (meaning I haven’t liked them back) likes on my profile — and probably another 48 who have matched with me (I liked them back). But most of them are in Africa. What would that tell you? Either citizenship seekers or Tinder trying to titillate its users causing them to ante up membership money because suckers think the app might actually bring them love — or at least a sexual encounter.

At this point, I entertain no such fantasies. And especially, not after I came to read that a woman I wouldn’t even swipe right on has 4000 likes. Whether it ever worked in the past is irrelevant. Tinder’s a waste for guys at this point. Paying for a membership is tantamount to flushing money down the toilet. You get the idea.

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