Medical Marijuana Sales Hit $1 Billion in Ohio According to Reports

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Since dispensaries began taking patients in April 2019, Ohio's legal marijuana sales have reached $1 billion. According to data published on Sunday by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, total sales revenue hit $1,000,047,483 as of September 18 and then increased by an additional $8 million the following week. 10,990,809 pieces of manufactured goods and 118,978 pounds of plant material have been sold thus far.

As the state gears up to increase the number of dispensaries by the beginning of next year, authorities announced in May that they had chosen 70 additional licenses using a lottery method. This marks a significant development for the medical cannabis industry.

Increased access points would probably result in more sales, but advocates are also hopeful that lawmakers will pass legislation allowing physicians to prescribe medical cannabis to patients for whatever disease they deem appropriate. This would significantly expand the market.

The bill's sponsors are Reps. Casey Weinstein (D) and Terrence Upchurch (D). The two introduced a separate legalization bill last summer, the first in state history, but it has not moved further.

A Republican lawmaker who is pushing a different plan to regulate and tax cannabis has downplayed hopes for legislative change, indicating that voters would probably have to settle the matter.

Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Ohio's medical marijuana industry is governed by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. The OMMCP, as the initiative is known, has been in operation since 2016. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program regulates medical marijuana in Ohio as well as provides access to cannabis therapy choices for eligible patients.

After Ohio's marijuana law was adopted in June 2016, its residents can buy marijuana for medicinal purposes. As a result, people in Ohio who have critical illnesses like ALS, PTSD, cancer, and many other qualifying conditions can easily and quickly get the prescription they require.

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is in charge of enforcing the state's medical marijuana laws, and the Department of Public Health is responsible for monitoring this process. According to House Bill 523, qualified patients can now lawfully possess up to 90 days' worth of medical marijuana.

Ohio patients cannot utilize medical marijuana, which is another major limitation. Instead, patients can take their medication through the use of cannabis patches, edibles, topical tinctures, CBD oils, or vaping.

The State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) further holds frequent meetings to discuss proposals to add new medical conditions to the list of qualifying conditions.

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