New Rules on Intoxicants and Hemp Extracts - Result of Minnesota's THC expansion

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In Minnesota, one of many states whose laws will alter the restrictions for hemp-derived goods like delta-8 THC, a first-of-its-kind law enabling adult-use THC sales in locations other than medical marijuana shops goes into effect on Friday.

Minnesota's law places new testing standards for cannabis extracts and restricts the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to persons over the age of 21. However, the law also permits the sale of certain goods at supermarkets and convenience stores.

On Friday, July 1, which is the opening day of many states' new fiscal years and a typical start date for legislation, new rules governing hemp extracts will go into force. Other adjustments related to hemp were scheduled to go into effect in:

  • Oregon, where marijuana shops will be the only places to buy intoxicants made from hemp,
  • Maryland, which prohibits the sale of goods containing delta-8 or delta-10 THC to those under 21, and
  • North Carolina, where Gov. Roy Cooper signed a bill into law on Thursday that permanently removes hemp and hemp-derived products from the state's list of banned narcotics

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

To get medicinal marijuana, Minnesotans must complete the MN medical cannabis registration process. Access to medical marijuana for patients in the state is facilitated through the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program. To ensure a successful application for the medical card, all candidates must comprehend the MMP's essential principles.

Only Minnesota residents who have a current medical marijuana card are permitted to legally purchase, acquire, and consume marijuana for medicinal purposes. Although cannabis registration can initially seem difficult in the state, it is a simple procedure. You must first obtain a marijuana recommendation from a medical professional who is listed on the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry.

Before beginning the process of applying for a medical marijuana card, patients must obtain a referral from a registered marijuana doctor. Additionally, you'll need to give your doctor a completed Patient Email and Acknowledgement Form.

The doctor will enter your initial information into Minnesota's online Medical Cannabis Patient Registry after your appointment. The Office of Medical Cannabis will email you a recommendation for medical marijuana. Then, go to to finish up your registration with the Medical Cannabis Program.

Make sure you satisfy the following requirements before registering:

  • The age requirement to register as an adult patient is 18 years old
  • The patient's parent or legal guardian must sign up as a caregiver and submit an application on their behalf if they are a minor
  • Only Minnesotan citizens are eligible to apply for the medicinal cannabis program.

Please keep in mind that Minnesota does not grant medical cards to applicants from outside the state.

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