Adam Schiff Prepares Americans to Receive a Final 1/6 Report that May be Missing Large Quantities of Information

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When asked directly if the January 6th Committee’s much anticipated final report will be complete, or if the information will be left out, Schiff remains non-committal

It all began -publicly at least – about a week ago. That’s when a team of 15 past and present January 6th Committee staffers began openly voicing their displeasure with Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney and her handling of the massive quantities of information the committee has compiled – particularly the information that has nothing to do with former President Donald Trump.

In a much-heralded interview with The Washington Post, these staffers spoke out under the condition of anonymity. You can read the whole article by following the link above, but in short summation, each of the members was disgruntled because they believe Liz Cheney used the January 6th Committee to run her re-election campaign, focusing entirely on former President Donald Trump and completely ignoring what the staffers referred to as “reams of other information that was just as important but had nothing to do with Trump.”

Also recently, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who most people believe will be the next Speaker of the House when the 118th Congress sits for the first time in January, has declared that once he has the gavel, he will be removing Democratic Reps, Adam Schiff, (D-CA), Eric Swalwell, (D-CA), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from their positions upon several of the House of Representatives most powerful oversight committees.

In the following seven-and-a-half-minute video, which we have posted on our YouTube channel and embedded here for you, Dana Bash, host of CNN’s State of the Union program, grills Schiff on these and other things. As you might have expected, Schiff takes no responsibility for any of the deficiencies facing the House today, and, while briefly claiming he hopes all information will be shared with the public regarding the January 6th Committee evidence, he does also make clear that certain information will have to be “scrubbed to protect individuals and their personal information,” while also dismissing the concerns of the staffers who aired out their grievances outright.

Schiff goes on in the interview to dismiss the promised Republican response of digging deeply into the entire accumulation of evidence compiled by the committee as “cherry-picking,” though he never addresses the question of just how much non-Trump related evidence the committee uncovered.

One of the main grievances of the committee staffers is that virtually the entire final January 6th Committee report will focus on Donald Trump because that’s the way Liz Cheney wants it, despite their being “reams” of other vital information that is being excluded.

Further, in the interview above, Bash directly challenges Schiff by reminding him that when the Committee was formed, he personally said that it was the worst case of security failure ever and that preventing such occurrences in the future would be one of the committee’s most important tasks.

However, according to the staffers, this issue wasn’t even addressed in any of the televised hearings nor will it be featured in any significant way in the Committee’s final report, making many of them feel like their efforts to fact-find were wasted only so that Liz Cheney could use the Committee as a personal attack on Donald Trump.

With the release of the final report scheduled to be made public within the next few weeks before the committee is disbanded for good, we won’t have long to wait to see if the disgruntled staffers are correct.

What’s more, House Republican Jim Jordan, (R-OH) the man touted to be the new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee come January, has pledged to delve deeply into the evidence compiled y the January 6th Committee and to act on it where and when appropriate, including new Subpoenas and hearings if it is determined they are needed.

At the end of the CNN interview, when directly asked if he would comply if subpoenaed by Rep Jordan, Schiff smiled and responded that it would depend on the legitimacy, or lack thereof, of the subpoena he was served with.

This is a working story and, as always, The Veracity Report will keep you up to date as new information develops.

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