Herschel Walker Raises $3.3 M on Day 1 of Fundraising for Runoff, Dems Allocate $7 M to Counter – and They’re Off!

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As we begin the second Georgia Senate runoff in as many years, we can be sure that epic amounts of money are about to be spent to secure control of the Senate for the next two years

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According to reports by Fox News and The Hill, former football legend, now Republican Senatorial candidate for Georgia, Herschel Walker, hit the ground running on Thursday as his campaign raked in an impressive $3.3 Million on the first day of fundraising in his all-important runoff election against incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

To help counter that massive influx of cash, Politico reported that The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, immediately infused $7 million into their candidate’s coffers to help balance things out.

According to both Fox and The Hill again, Walker managed to accumulate another million on the second day, for a whopping total of $4.3 million just from independent donors alone. From what we have seen, Walker’s financial war chest has yet to see any funds from Republican PACs and Super PACs.

This is undoubtedly important since, as it stands, it looks like this December 6th Georgia runoff election will once again determine which party controls the US Senate for the last 2 years of Joe Biden’s term. And while it is possible the Nevada Republican Adam Laxalt loses his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, making the Georgia race inconsequential in determining control of the Senate for the next two years, it is looking less likely like that scenario will play out and that Georgia’s runoff will once again bear the responsibility of determining that control.

Because of the weight this one race now has, if Laxalt can hold on to his lead over Cortez Masto, we can be sure to expect both parties to slather their respective Georgian candidates with gooey globs of support and cash as we get closer to December 6th. As it stands right now, early estimates are suggesting that the spending for this one race might even eclipse the record election spending of the 2020 Georgia runoff between Warnock and then-incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

In that race, both candidates and their parties combined to spend approximately a half billion dollars to influence Georgian voters and win that pivotal seat. We agree with Reuters, who released this article citing that many of the experts who believe this race could easily top that figure.

One thing is for sure, the next weeks are going to be extremely interesting, politically. And, as always, The Veracity Report will be here to keep you up to date with breaking news as it happens.

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