Last Polls Show Herschel Walker Opening Largest Lead Yet Over Raphael Warnock with 1 Day Remaining

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While it’s still unlikely that Herschel Walker will win this race by enough of a margin to avoid a 30-day runoff election, it now looks very likely that he will have accumulated the most votes come Wednesday
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First, in keeping with our commitment to sharing only the most reliable source information, it’s important for us to explain that The Veracity Report only considers polls that have been conducted by reputable polling agencies nationwide.

In keeping with that mission, we only consider polls that transparently share their methodologies, demographics, total number of respondents, whether they are “likely voters” or “registered voters”, and their respective margins of error. It is also our policy to attempt to use several polls as source information in all our articles whenever possible (sometimes there is only one available), and also to directly link our readers to those respective polls so they can see for themselves that we have not manipulated the data or results of those polls in any way.

That being established, by now, most of you know that the state of Georgia requires every candidate in state and local elections, not only to win but to accumulate a minimum of 50.1% of the total votes cast in order to avoid a 30-day runoff election.

While it is looking more and more like incumbent Governor Brian Kemp is likely to reach that milestone and achieve his victory over Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams by the end of the general election and eliminating a runoff similar to the one, they had in their 2018, prequel, the same can’t be said for either of the state’s Senatorial candidates.

According to the latest Remington Research poll, Herschel Walker does have a slim chance of reaching the all-important milestone as he is currently polling at 49% to Warnock’s 45%, but most experts we’ve talked to find it unlikely and though they believe Walker will garner the majority of the votes cast before the polls close in Georgia on Tuesday evening, they each believe this race is headed for a runoff election which will ultimately be decided on December 6th.

In other recent polls by The Daily Wire & The Trafalgar Group, Rasmussen Polling, Fox 5 Atlanta, and Fox News/f Beacon Research, and Shaw & Company Research, while Walker is polling ahead of Warnock in all of them, none of them show the former football superstar reaching the 50.1% of the total respondents necessary to avert a runoff.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the results of any election, however, by concentrating our efforts on only reputable polling agencies with transparent polling methodologies, we can and most often do see more accurate polling results.

As always, The Veracity Report will keep you up to date on these and all races as we get closer to the polls closing across the nation.

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This unbiased, non-satirical, fully attributed article was thoroughly researched by our team of fact-checkers and found to be accurate. The sources relied upon for the factual basis of this article were: Real Clear Politics, Florida Atlantic University, University of Northern Florida, Data for Progress, Florida State University/YouGov, Spectrum News/Sienna College, Fox 35 Insider Advantage, The Associated Press, Reuters, and

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