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While the statement is possible, if not even probable, perhaps the bigger question is, why would such investigations be so threatening to Democrats that Barack Obama felt the need to use it as a political talking point?
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While it is most likely true that Republicans will commence several criminal investigations into what they perceive to be misdeeds by Democrats if they take control of either chamber of Congress, mentioning this in a speech as a reason to not vote for them, brings many additional questions.

First, in our minds, we have to ask, will the investigations be justified?

That means, will they be based upon significant evidence that would lead any reasonable person to conclude that a crime was committed? Next, the prudent question is, if there is probable cause to believe a crime was committed, is there then either equal or greater probable cause to believe that the subject of that investigation is the one who committed the offense?

Once it is determined that the investigation and prosecution are justified, we next have to ask if the prosecution of those investigations will probably lead to criminal convictions in a court of competent jurisdiction.

So, with all of this talk about Republican-led investigations into the actions of their rivals, so much that a former president of the United States felt the need to insert this into his campaign speech for a fellow Democratic candidate, the logical next step is to ask, what possible investigations could the former president be referring to?

We decided to brainstorm a list of possible investigations that Republican-led Congressional committees might initiate should they take control of either or both chambers of Congress in January, as they are now highly favored to do.

The first things that come to mind are the possible infractions by President Joe Biden which might possibly rise to the critical level of what is referred to in Constitutional impeachment-speak as “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

From our purview, we found a pretty substantial list of actions that could, under the correct circumstances, constitute impeachable offenses against a sitting President, so we will list those first.

1. The withdrawal from Afghanistan. While the withdrawal was clearly coming in any event, it has been well documented by many sources, among them, (Politico, CNN, Roll Call,, The Hill, and NBC News, just to name a few) that top general including the Pentagon brain trusts themselves, warned the president not to pull all of our troops out and not to conduct the withdrawal in the manner that he did, which ultimately resulted in the loss of 13 American servicemen and many other American assets in the region.

2. President Biden asked OPEC nations to delay raising oil prices until after the midterm elections. This alone could represent a massive dereliction of duty of a sitting President because it is effectively asking foreign nations to make economic and trade decisions that will directly influence US elections. So, we have to ask, is there any credible evidence that would lead any rational person to believe that Joe Biden did this? What we found is a comprehensive list of articles covering the topic from the following sources: CNBC, The New York Post, TNY Post X 2, Fortune, Deseret News, NBC News, The Epoch Times, and CNN, (though this list is far from exhaustive).

3. Joe Biden’s Philadelphia “Soul of the Nation” Speech. While there is certainly no law restricting a sitting president from using the Bully Pulpit to spew party-specific political messages, that line blurs when a sitting president specifically calls out roughly half of the population of the country, he’s supposed to be leading by calling them “extremists” and “dangers to democracy and our way of life.” Some of the sources which immediately called out the president for the divisive speech are: The Hill, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Examiner, NPR, Reason Magazine, C-SPAN, The Baptist Press,, The National Federation of Republican Women, The New York Post, and The Oklahoma City Sentinel.

To be sure, any or all of these items could be used to initiate articles of impeachment against President Biden should Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives, as they are overwhelmingly expected to do. Whether they will commence those articles remains to be seen, but they are each valid issues of investigation that Republicans are likely to initiate should they obtain a majority in either Congressional chamber.

Other avenues of investigation that Republicans are likely to commence (These are just hypothetical investigations we believe might be possible):

1. Their own inquiry into the events of January 6th, 2021, which will not ignore possible culpability factors by Democratic leadership on that day and during the events leading up to that day which has been unilaterally tabooed by the existing House Select Committee. A group that has been largely criticized for the makeup of its constituency and the involvement of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in refusing certain Republican Congressmen who wanted to pursue valid avenues of investigation that went against the Democratic narrative of the event.

2. The possible FBI manipulation and coverup surrounding the investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop, especially if there is any evidence that Joe Biden had direct knowledge or direct involvement in any of the junior Biden’s nefarious activities.

3. The Funding of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

There are other points and elements which Republican Congressional leadership may see fit to investigate should they obtain majorities in either chamber, but we believe the point has been made here as to the girth and span these investigations might take should they be initiated.

All things considered, it’s not hard to see why Democrats are sounding the alarm over possible GOP investigations. So much so that Barack Obama saw fit to mention these possible investigations during one of his speeches addressing the reasons why the GOP should not be allowed to take control of the country’s legislature.

The importance and impact of that knowledge is, of course, up to you to decide.

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