Latest Polling Trends: Zeldin Pulls Even; Oz, Walker, & Vance Lead; and Trump Tops Biden in 2024 Mock Rematch

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With less than a week to go before the crucial mid-term elections, Republicans appear poised for sweeping victories, Trump is also leading in most states
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As can be expected, as most of these pivotal mid-term elections will be decided in less than a week, polling agencies are working like Santa on Christmas Eve to obtain and disseminate as much statistical data regarding the momentum of the candidates as well as the temperature of the public that is most likely to vote, and which issues are most likely to evoke them to do so.

This week has been no exception, with new polls being released almost hourly.

Of course, we always have to beware when looking at polls to discern between what is a reputable polling agency, which uses proper statistical practices and proper demographic filters to screen its respondents, from those who don’t and just perform random polls, many times surveying people who are not even eligible to vote and incorporating their responses into the results data.

The Veracity Report and Wild Orchid Media take great pains to ignore those types of polls and focus instead on polls with a proven track record for meticulous demographics and data integrity. Usually, we do this by focusing on polls that are part of the Real Clear Politics index of polls because they have already weeded out many of the less ethical polling agencies by not including them in their index.

As usual at this late point in an election cycle, there are almost always some surprises, and this week is no exception. Shocking many in the latest polls are the revelations that in several polls, Mehmet Oz is leading John Fetterman (Poll 1) (Poll 2), Lee Zeldin has come from over 25 points behind to pull into a virtual dead-heat tie with incumbent NY governor Kathy Hochul, Herschel Walker has similarly come from far behind and has actually moved ahead of incumbent Raphael Warnock in the polls, and JD Vance appears poised to defeat incumbent Tim Ryan in Ohio.

But, perhaps the most telling is that, in state-to-state mock presidential election polls, Former President Donald Trump is currently the clear favorite to win the Republican primary and is polling with large leads over Joe Biden in all but a handful of typically hardline blue states. States such as Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah, are all currently leaning toward Trump, and only Illinois, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin currently leaning toward Biden, with New Hampshire and Pennsylvania in a virtual dead-heat tie.

Of course, nobody can accurately predict the result of any election, but, if we carefully review properly conducted polls, presented by reputable polling agencies, we can vastly increase the reliability of the data they show for a much higher degree of accuracy. However, none of this is any reason for any of us not to take our civic duty seriously, and neglect our obligation to ourselves and our families to vote in all local, state, and federal elections.

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