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Entire Family Vanishes After Husband Calls Cops Reporting Elaborate 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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An entire Michigan family is just gone only hours after the husband reports a wild 9/11 conspiracy theory to local police
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In a wild story originally broken by Fox News Digital, this tale sounds like it could be a pretty decent prologue to a psychological thriller. Instead, it’s the sad reality of the Cirigliano family.

According to reports, the entire family mysteriously vanished from their home over the weekend and has not only not been heard of since, but there has been no activity on any of their credit cards or bank accounts – all details that are frankly, baffling the local authorities.

Fremont Police Department Chief Tim Rodwell said: “We’re just very concerned. The circumstances are strange.”

The family consists of Anthony and Suzette Cirigliano, who are both 51, as well as their two sons, Brandon, who is 19, and Noah, 15. The entire group disappeared back on Sunday the 16th.

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The family is believed to have left in a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan, authorities said.
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As previously mentioned, there has been no activity on the couple’s credit cards or bank accounts, and Anthony’s phone is turned off. In an even more intriguing twist, all three of Suzette’s and the boys’ phones were found abandoned in their home, officials said. The police immediately requested and received a series of search warrants for the family home which, unfortunately, turned up no clues, Rodwell said.

Anthony, who works in finance, and Suzette, who had been caring for her elderly mother while suffering from dementia are simply, by all accounts, not the type of people who lend themselves to seemingly irrational behavior.

However, on Monday, the 17th, the elderly mother was found wandering the streets of their Fremont, Michigan neighborhood, alone and afraid. Freemont is about 45 miles north of Grand Rapids.

When attempting to return the mother to the home, police discovered that the Cirigliano family was not only not there, but that it appeared to investigators that the family fled abruptly without making arrangements for the care of Suzette’s mother, who is now with another relative.

According to the authorities, there were no signs of trouble until the night before the strange disappearance. That’s Anthony called 911, in clear distress, just after midnight.

“Anthony was complaining of some elaborate issue in regard to the Sept. 11, 2001 attack,” Rodwell said. “He was displaying to my officers paranoia and some concerns in regard to the FBI and CIA.”

According to Rodwell, two officers spoke with Anthony for about 45 minutes and then also with Suzette to make sure she was not in any apparent danger. At that time, police determined that no one was in imminent danger, Rodwell added, so no action was taken.

“They seem like really good people who were taking care of their family,” he said. “No one has had any problems with them.”

Rodwell urges anyone with information to contact the Fremont Police Department at 231-924-2100.

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