Former Bill Clinton Advisor Believes the FBI Searched Mar-A- Lago to Protect Themselves | Opinion

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And he isn’t alone in the belief that the August 8th raid of Mar-a-Lago by a phalanx of FBI agents was a measure of self-defense, not a prelude to prosecution
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“I think that one of the big reasons — if not the major reason — that the FBI seized those documents is that they incriminate not Trump, but the FBI in the Russia collusion scandal, in the scandal of spying on Trump’s campaign, and in the scandal of fabricating evidence to the FISA court to lead to wiretaps on key Trump officials.”

Morris, who has also been an advisor to former President Trump, and knows him well, said he did not believe Trump would have authorized the taking of documents to Mar-a-Lago for any other reason.

“I think the only reason that he took them with him — well, the major reason — was for him to review them to find evidence implicating the FBI. That’s why they raided Mar-a-Lago to get a hold of that stuff before Trump did. And I think that what we’re looking at here is not about Donald Trump evading the FBI, but the FBI evading Donald Trump,” he said.

Morris believes that the FBI wanted the documents because they may show an abuse of power by the FBI.

“He doesn’t look like he was getting them to review them for his memoirs or anything — he’s not writing them — but in order to go through the evidence himself and see what it implicated the FBI and its conduct against him,” he said.

Morris also believes that the search of Trump’s home will not end with the former president being charged with any criminal offense, further proving his [Morris’] hypothesis.

“It sets up, in effect, what they call a Chinese wall between the evidence being between the evaluation of evidence for intelligence purposes and evaluation for the purposes of criminal prosecution,” the former Clinton advisor said. “That means they can’t use one in the case of the other. So, effectively, until the special master reviews the documents, they can’t use any documents for criminal investigation.
“And I think that eventually, they will not have the basis for an indictment of Trump. I used to think he might be indicted, but I’ve now come to the view after Judge [Aileen] Cannon’s order, that he will not be,” he said.

An attorney for former President Donald Trump said that she is disturbed by the leaks coming from the Department of Justice regarding the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“This is incredibly disturbing to me in terms of leaks coming from the Justice Department,” Alina Habba said Wednesday on the Newsmax show “Wake Up America."

Habba later said that this is another example of the Department of Justice and FBI being politicized.

In the most recent leak, an unnamed source told The Washington Post that information on the nuclear capabilities of another nation was found in the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

The attorney said went on to say:

“When you have to defend yourself [as the DOJ is currently doing], stories come out. … And I think that’s exactly what they are, just stories.”
She went on to say that the media’s telling of the story is “inconsistent, outrageous, and all over the map.”

She said that the Department of Justice will appeal the decision to appoint a special master, which it did, but that:

“What people need to remember is that this ruling is an injunction, so at this moment everything has stopped in terms of any investigation they might be having, which is a very big win for the Trump team.”

The Department of Justice has decided to appeal the decision of the judge who appointed a special master to oversee the documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s private residence.

It also asked that asked Judge Aileen Cannon to pause her order that blocked the Department of Justice from continuing to review the documents, NBC News reported.

The moves came three days after Cannon approved Trump’s request for a special master to sift through the seized materials to identify personal items and records that are protected by the attorney-client privilege or executive privilege.

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