With 3 Weeks to go Before Mid Terms, the Latest Polls Show Kemp’s Lead Growing and Walker Once Again Tied with Warnock

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With a flood of energized support coming in the wake of a now dubious allegation that Walker financed an ex to have an abortion, the GOP challenger finds himself once again tied with incumbent Warnock

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Heading down the proverbial home stretch, and with only 3 weeks remaining before Georgia’s nationally watched 2022 mid-term elections, a new Landmark Communications poll shows incumbent GA Governor Brian Kemp expanding his already large lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams, and that the state’s U.S. senate between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger, former football superstar Herschel Walker is once again, virtually tied.

This poll was taken among 500 likely general election voters between Oct. 15-17, 2022. It has a 4.4% +/- margin of error.

Here is what the poll revealed:

Question 1:

If the election for governor of Georgia were being held today and the candidates were Brian Kemp, the Republican incumbent, Stacey Abrams, the Democratic challenger, and Shane Hazel, the Libertarian challenger, for whom would you vote?

Brian Kemp 51.2%

Stacey Abrams 44.6%

Shane Hazel 2.3%

Undecided 1.9%

Question 2:

If the election for U.S. Senate were being held today and the candidates were Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent, Herschel Walker, the Republican challenger, and Chase Oliver, the Libertarian challenger, for whom would you vote?

Raphael Warnock 46.1%

Herschel Walker 46%

Chase Oliver 3.4%

Undecided 1.6%

Question 3:

A campaign debate was held this week between Senate candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. Have you personally seen or listened to at least part of the debate?

Yes 63.6%

No 33.6%

Don’t know 2.8%

Question 4:

Regardless of which candidate you are voting for, who do you believe won the debate itself, Raphael Warnock or Herschel Walker?

Raphael Warnock 33%

Herschel Walker 34.4%

Undecided 32.6%

Question 5:

If the election for Lieutenant Governor were being held today and the candidates were Burt Jones, the Republican, Charlie Bailey, the Democrat, and Ryan Graham, the Libertarian, for whom would you vote?

Burt Jones 46.4%

Charlie Bailey 38.9%

Ryan Graham 3.9%

Undecided 10.8%

Question 6:

If the election for Secretary of State were being held today and the candidates were Brad Raffensperger, the Republican incumbent, Bee Nguyen, the Democratic challenger, and Ted Metz, the Libertarian challenger, for whom would you vote?

Brad Raffensperger 47.2%

Bee Nguyen 36.4%

Ted Metz 8.5%

Undecided 7.9%

Question 7:

If the election for Attorney General were being held today and the candidates were Chris Carr, the Republican incumbent, Jennifer Jordan, the Democratic challenger, and Martin Cowan, the Libertarian challenger, for whom would you vote?

Chris Carr 47.4%

Jennifer Jordan 40%

Martin Cowan 4%

Undecided 8.7%

Veracity Editor's Note:

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