Stacey Abrams Organization Handed a Brutal Defeat by Federal Judge

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After lingering through the courts for almost four years, a federal judge finally ruled on the claim by Abrams’ founded organization Fair Fight that Georgia’s election laws are inherently unfair to minorities
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Back in 2018, when Democrat Stacey Abrams lost the Georgia governor’s race to Republican Brian Kemp, she refused to concede the election and made many public declarations that she actually won, but for serious voter suppression laws across the state.

Ultimately, after much public hoopla, she ended her campaign with a non-concession which at least acknowledged she wouldn’t be governor, though still maintaining that Republican Governor-elect Brian Kemp, might be the legal Governor, but was not the Governor elected by the people.

She even went as far as claiming that Kemp used his post as secretary of state to improperly purge likely Democratic voters. In the course of that argument, Abrams founded Fair Fight Action, a group focused on fair elections, which within weeks filed a wide-ranging federal lawsuit alleging “gross mismanagement” of Georgia’s elections.

That lawsuit sputtered out Friday with Fair Fight losing its last remaining arguments, more than a year after the judge had tossed all of the organization’s earlier claims.

People are already voting by mail in a Georgia governor’s race that once again has Abrams challenging Kemp, now the state’s incumbent, with just over 30 days left before voting ends on Nov. 8.

Republicans are now using the loss to attack what they see as the “big lie” that underlies Abrams’ career. They label her claims that Georgia’s election system has been discriminatory as a fraud she used to enrich herself financially and to aggrandize her political career after her 2018 loss.

“This is existential to who Stacey Abrams has become as a public and political figure,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican who defended the case, told The Associated Press on Saturday. “She put herself in the political spotlight nationally, potentially globally, all over the narrative that she lost the governor’s race because of voter suppression. And here you have a federal judge saying, it’s all untrue. It didn’t happen.”

Carr and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are among a faction of Georgia Republicans who say that Kemp beat Abrams fairly in 2018.

“Stolen election and voter suppression claims by Stacey Abrams were nothing but poll-tested rhetoric not supported by facts and evidence,” Raffensperger said Friday in a statement.

Abrams, though, has said from the dawn of her current campaign that her actions in 2018 are not equivalent to what Trump did.

“I will never ever say that it is OK to claim fraudulent outcomes as a way to give yourself power,” Abrams told news outlet The 19th last month. “That is wrong. I reject it and will never engage in it. But I do believe that it is imperative, especially those who have the platform and the microphone, to talk about the access.”

For whatever it’s worth, Abrams still maintains that she won a number of victories that made elections fairer.

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