What Buried Treasure Will We Find in this Old Vintage and Antique Bottle Dump?!

One man's trash is another man's treasure they say! That saying especially holds true when you're someone like me, and you love to nerd out about History. So in this video my friend Danny was kind enough to invite me to an old bottle dump so we could dig around and save some history. There's all kinds of crazy medicine bottles, sauce bottles, soda bottles, and more to find in dumps like these. I love to think of the story behind each bottle... what was in it? Who used it? Why did they use it? What was the person who used it like? That's what makes treasure hunting so much fun. We can learn and speculate about the lives of people who lived before us. What a pleasure to be able to find these pieces of the past. Hope y'all enjoy the video, thanks for watching!

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I am a Fossil Hunter, Rockhound, Antique Bottle Hunter, Treasure Hunter, and Songwriter! I take my camera on all my Treasure Hunting adventures so I can take y'all out in the great outdoors with me! We are lucky to call this incredible planet home, where a wealth of historic and prehistoric treasures await to be found. Thanks for checking out my content. Hope you enjoy!

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