There are Literally Thousands of Perfectly Preserved Fossil Shells Here!

I feel like invertebrate fossils such as seashells are often overlooked. Over the last few years I began to develop much more of a love and appreciation for shell fossils. Florida truly has such a unique variety of seashell fossils to be found. The state has been above and below water a lot of times within it's near 50 million year history. This little canal cut into some excellent fossil seashell bearing material. These shells are so incredibly well preserved it would be hard to know they are fossils just by looking at them. We know they are fossils because they are quite far inland from the present day coastline and in a very thick layer. These shells likely were buried quickly by some sort of catastrophic event. Good preservation often indicates a rapid burial. I teamed up with a bunch of friends in this video and we found some very unique and some very rare seashell fossils. Hope you enjoy!

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