Food Challenge 2023 | Growing Food For A Budget Friendly Winter | Building A Garden

It's always a chore to get the garden ready for planting. If you have raised beds, they need to be refreshed with good soil and turned to fluff it up and mix in. If you have ground beds, they need the same and maybe tilled. We have been busy fixing our old raised beds and adding new fenced-in space to put in more food and CBD plants. But, of course, we try to do this ourselves by spending very little money. We have almost 12 acres, and some have dirt piles around the roadway. While digging around in them, we found a lot of leaf matter mixed in and good to mix with our chicken compost. Combining the two has saved us money to use in the garden instead of buying soil. We have joined a food challenge for February 2023 to only spend $50 on groceries for that month and hunt, can, and store what we need beforehand. So, more space to grow is going to be necessary. Let's see if we can do it.

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We moved to this new off grid property to get into Modern Homesteading in January of 2016. We are living in rural Maine on 12 acres & have a small farm of chickens, raised bed & in ground garden. Sharing how we live off grid and use our Kubota L2501.

Oxford, ME

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