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We have a broody hen, which means I have a hen that wants to sit on eggs until they hatch with babies. Which is right around 21 days, give or take. So I placed six eggs under her and let her sit. On day 7, I checked the eggs with a bright flashlight for fertilization, veins, movement, and an air pocket. I removed two that had not developed (not fertile). So that left 4 for her to sit on. By day 17, I checked them one more time; three looked good, one I didn't see much movement if any, but let her sit on it to see what would happen. On day 20, I heard loud peeping coming from under her and checked to see if we had a baby. It was hatching, and the beak was out to breathe the fresh air. By the end of the day, we had a baby and two more eggs pipped (cracked open). So we ended up with three cute, healthy babies, and sadly the 4th egg never hatched. It developed all the way but never opened. Here is the video evidence from egg to hatching. Enjoy!

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We moved to this new off grid property to get into Modern Homesteading in January of 2016. We are living in rural Maine on 12 acres & have a small farm of chickens, raised bed & in ground garden. Sharing how we live off grid and use our Kubota L2501.

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