Solar Power Is Like Money In The Bank

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Wintertime In MaineMichelle Kennagh/Whiskey n Sunshine Off-Grid

I love waking up to bright sunny days. Although most mornings, I’m up before the sun for some reason. As I’m writing this, it's winter, so keeping the woodstove going on those cold nights is essential unless you want to be super cold in the morning.

I usually can’t go back to sleep when I get up to fill the stove on those mornings. My craving for coffee gets to me, and I figure I might as well get up.

In the summer months, I sleep a bit longer, but not much. As soon as the sun comes through that window, my eyes pop open, and I’m ready to go. I usually have some garden or chicken chores for the day planned—something outside for sure. I love the morning air and the sounds of all the creatures waking up to the sun and warmth. The bees buzzing, the hummingbirds humming, and the butterflies fluttering. (Did I mention it's winter as I’m writing this? lol)

I check the power level and make sure the coffee maker doesn’t drain the power (they use a lot of energy). Then, I make my cup and shut off the machine as soon as it's done—no leaving a pot of coffee on all day here.

As I get started with my day, I sometimes forget that we have off-grid power, actually, most times unless I’m using a lot of power. But then, it just seems so quiet and natural most of the time.

On those days, I am just in awe at what we are doing. It just amazes me how the sun shines and runs through those panels to the batteries to store up power for when we need it. (a simplified version of how it works) It's just so cool

In my head, I'm like, “we ARE doing this!” “It's REALLY happening!” lol

Things run, and you don’t even think about it. Like blinking your eyes, I guess. Every day the refrigerator needs to run several times, along with the extra freezer, lights, phone, laptop charger, the internet box, and the satellite tv <—— Yup, we got that too. All stuff we don’t think about removing power from the batteries.

As told by a friend that has lived on Solar for many years to think of Solar as money in the bank act. The “account” is your batteries; the “money” is the converted Solar.

As you put money in the “account,” it builds for a nice nest egg when you need it, but if you turn on a light or charge your phone, it’s taking that “money” out of the “account.” It depletes the power. Like your bank account, you never want to drain it all the way. It's tough to build it back up; it takes a long time.

So to answer the question, “Are we doing this?!… Yup, we sure are. Of course, we don’t have all the answers to every issue, but we are learning every day and trying to make the best of this Off-Grid life.

Wake up! It’s REALLY happening!

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We moved to this new off grid property to get into Modern Homesteading in January of 2016. We are living in rural Maine on 12 acres & have a small farm of chickens, raised bed & in ground garden. Sharing how we live off grid and use our Kubota L2501.

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