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When I was a kid, there wasn't an internet. No computers, not video games either. Only the great outdoors.

I grew up with the neighborhood kids next door. We would get off the bus, grab a snack, and head outside. We would play fun games like Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light & Red Rover. Come on over.

When that got boring, we would head to the woods. Hike around and follow paths all around. We lived in the country, not a care in the world. Now I look back and think about all the animals we could have encountered or gotten lost; who knows. Guess that's the mom in me coming out. But back then, it was nothing to us to head out and explore.

One of my favorite times in the summer, we would head out to many evergreen trees and build a kind of a fort. We found a ring of trees close together and started taking branches and small trees and creating a wall with them, using the trees to hold them up—making rooms, walkways, and secret exits. Nowadays, we would be worried about ticks in the deadwood lying around. Back then, just splinters and the occasional ant infestation.

Our bikes were a big deal back then too. We had a long dead-end road with very little traffic. More than likely, if there was a car, it was a mom or dad coming home from work.

We were riding back and forth, doing pop a wheelie or seeing who could lay the most extended rubber in the road. There were a couple of big hills we would race down super fast. The winner gets bragging rights for a minute. lol

My favorite winter memories included playing in the snow and building elaborate forts with tunnels, turrets, and stairs. So much fun digging and shoveling; why did that change when I became an adult?! Oh yeah, there is lingering pain involved now, ugh. We had a good-sized pond on our neighbor's property that we would ask every year if we could play on. Most of us had ice skates and would slice out a way around that pond like we were professionals. The guys would bring their hockey sticks and do some slap shots too. So much fun and laughs for us all. Of course, there was sledding, and we found a couple of big hills to sled down. As we got older, we would take a snowmobile to help haul our butts back up the mountain. And even trail rides on our snowmobiles too.

As we got older, too, we had some video game systems. We played Duck Hunt, where the dog would flush the ducks out of the brush, and you were supposed to shoot the ducks. If you missed, the dog would pop up and laugh at you. Hehehe

All in All, we had a great childhood—lots of laughs and silliness all around. Of course, as we have gotten older, we have grown apart, but still, keep in touch. With the way the world is going these days, it's a nice look back and remembers those fun times we had. Now it's time to tell our Grandkids about those fun things we did without computers, phones without cords, and video games for many years.

Remember the fun!

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We moved to this new off grid property to get into Modern Homesteading in January of 2016. We are living in rural Maine on 12 acres & have a small farm of chickens, raised bed & in ground garden. Sharing how we live off grid and use our Kubota L2501.

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