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We were in a hurry to move in mode after signing for the house. We didn’t have time to think about much. Moving out of the storage units, going to work almost every day, unpacking boxes, and, Repeatedly for several weeks. As we were settling in, I caught myself getting anxious on occasion. Why? We were getting unpacked; finally, the water, heat, and batteries ran. Things were going well. It was beautiful, quiet, such a peaceful oasis. Friends would come by to see us, place and hear the story over and over of how we got here, Our hopes and dreams for this place, and ourselves. Finally, our son came home, saw the house and land. He knew this was where we should be.

My anxiety or fear was worry, worry that someone was going to come and say, “Sorry, you have to leave here and go back to your old house!” Not that our old house was terrible, it was just time to move on. But, I didn’t want to go back unless all the family there would be there again. But, we know that can’t happen, so here we are.

So I found that I let worry creep in and try to steal my peace away when at ease here. How was it possible to be in a place you love so much and afraid to leave it? Would afraid someone swooped in and took it away?

I think it finally stopped about three months into living here. By then, spring was coming close, and I was planning chickens, gardens (veggie and flower), firewood, and yard clean-up. There was more for my mind to think about and do. Getting to know our property and get a feel of where the sun would hit for gardens and such. Where would the chicken coop and chickens go? You know, the essential things. lol

Our deck was built on the front of the house in the spring, thankfully by someone we knew for years, and he fit us in his busy schedule. It was such a great addition to our big beautiful home, and we use it anytime we can. Our solitude, our peaceful place away from everything. I have sat and watched dragonflies, hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, squirrels, chickens, and so much more in our yard—a most beautiful sight.

There is something to be said for having a peaceful mind. That anxiety, fear, worry creeps in sometimes, just for a second, and I say, “Nope, not today, not any day!” Here is Our place, Our oasis, Our peace!

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We moved to this new off grid property to get into Modern Homesteading in January of 2016. We are living in rural Maine on 12 acres & have a small farm of chickens, raised bed & in ground garden. Sharing how we live off grid and use our Kubota L2501.

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