Morgan Absher Appears On The Wayne Ayers Podcast

Photo courtesy of Morgan Absher

The ‘Two Hot Takes’ Podcast creator graced the latest episode of The Wayne Ayers podcast. Morgan Absher one of the most popular female podcast hosts in the industry today.

Although what began as just a self-described millennial with an overpriced graduate degree bringing her unique experiences to podcasting, Morgan’s sincere empathy and uplifting feminist attitude, combined with her media savvy and certified training in occupational therapy have lent themselves to the success of herwildly popular “Two Hot Takes” podcast, which has garnered a cult following in just over a year since its founding in February 2021. Accompanied by her team of co-hosts and celebrity guests, each week Morgan delivers hot takes on some of the internet’s craziest questions, relationship dramas and problems, while simultaneously tackling deeper topics including mental health, self-love, and the importance of forming healthy relationships in all areas of listeners’ lives.

“Two Hot Takes” has raked in over 7 million downloads and counting in the past four months alone and boasts a dedicated subscribership of over 3.25 million fans across social media, according to Morgan continues to prove her value as one of today’s most coveted digital mavericks.

Absher’s podcast consistently charts in the Top 50 podcasts on both Apple and Spotify, and notable guests have included Tinx, Tefi Pessoa, Drew Afualo, Sarah Schauer, LaurDIY, and more. Absher podcast is available to stream new episodes weekly across all major podcasting platforms and YouTube.

Listen to the full Wayne Ayers podcast interview with Morgan Absher on Apple and Spotify podcast.

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