The new Resident Evil game is terrifyingly cool!

When we thought that 2021 would be a terrible year for gamers, CAPCOM surprises us with a new installment of the Resident Evil saga, and our hopes were restored! Gothic horror, werewolves, a haunted village, and a sexy and gigantic MILF. What more could we ask for? Fortunately, I was able to get a copy of RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE at my local Gamestop store and have been able to play for several hours.

This is my review of the new game in the Resident Evil saga. As always, no spoilers!

Resident Evil continues to venture into FPS territory successfully. Repeating the same formula from RE7, Resident Evil Village returns to its beginnings but maintains the first-person perspective that worked so well in the previous game. Again we will play as Ethan Winters, who, several years after the events of Resident Evil 7, now lives peacefully with his wife and daughter. However, the calm will not last long, as we will be attacked in our own home by strange individuals who kidnap our daughter. To rescue her, Ethan will have to travel to a strange town in Romania and investigate the dark and strange events that occur there.

The most die-hard fans will let out a schoolgirl scream when Ethan runs into an old acquaintance from the Resident Evil franchise, and no, it's not Leon S. Kennedy. In this game, the essence of exploration and puzzle-solving is recovered, so we will have to break our heads to decipher the complex puzzles that will allow us to advance further in the story.

The wide variety of enemies will keep you on the edge of your nerves as you try to survive the terrible threats that lurk in this hellish village. However, there is one enemy in particular that I know we will all enjoy encountering, Lady Dimitrescu, or as the fandom has decided to name her, "The Sexy Tall Lady." This sensual (but dangerous) vampire will chase us relentlessly through her castle, in the purest Nemesis (RE3) style so that unexpected encounters will scare us off.

Resident Evil Village's combat system is very similar to its predecessor, although a few things have been tweaked to provide a more realistic and stressful experience. Having to explore and search for resources constantly is entertaining and challenging, so we will not get bored while going through the extensive scenarios where the campaign mode occurs. The weapon upgrade system is pretty cool, and it is nice to have someone like the Duke, a merchant who will help us throughout the adventure, as long as we have money (that greedy bastard!) Anyway, as we progress through the story, we will have fights with epic bosses that will make us sweat.

The decisive moment comes at the end, and we must make an important decision to save our daughter. No spoiler intentions, but the ending is shocking and will make our jaws drop.

In short, Resident Evil Village is a game that combines survival horror and action, as well as bringing us back an enemy that stalks us without stopping, something that will undoubtedly delight the most loyal fans. It is impossible to get bored playing it. If you have free time and want something to do this weekend, Resident Evil Village is all you need!

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