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American singer-songwriter emo pop icon Lil Bruh Gwop deals in kindness and irreverence. Breaking incrementally with standout projects from 2021 (Aura Glow) to 2020 (Come Around), after later announcing formally a debut album in 2022. Sacramento native artist born Nicholas Madrigal more professionally known as Lil Bruh Gwop has the ability to combine a multitude of genres, which has returned the favor of everyone tuning in to sensational pop music that isn’t crude or explicit. With an ear for Dance/EDM melodic beats, to hardcore production and bare lyricism. Lil Bruh Gwop is credited with popularizing alternative infused with electronic with a 'myspace-melodic' emo approach to pop. For years, forging a unique path, channeling dark themes into pop music compositions despite an opulent background. Listening to Lil Bruh Gwop on their 07/07/2021 birthday release (Shatter Me Alone) though, you get the sense of what really matters to the young artist. With a ghostly voice that carves through time as beautiful angelic notes are sang with pop-themed bars blended with a solid experimental beat. It’s undeniably really good, and different from anything that’s been released before. Once again, we see the artwork made by Gwop is the icing on the cake for me, which is why it is on all of my playlists. With that being said we can definitely recommend you add this on to yours as well. This a unique single with clean lyrics which is what makes Gwop’s unmatched vibe so adored.

These days Gwop’s only cares are writing, singing his heart out, and collaborating with a small close group of talented producers to featured artists such as Baron Black professionally known as Rainy Bear or Lil Skil (pictured below)
Lil Skil (left) and Lil Peep (right)Credit: lilskil-blog

Gwop & Rainy Bear are growing a path in an unforgiving world and everyone is listening.

Aura Glow, is the only single that is released from Lil Bruh Gwop‘s debut album (planned to release in 2022) exclusively produced by YungJZAisDead, It is currently Rainy Bear & Lil Bruh Gwop’s biggest collaboration, charting at over 490,000+ streams and counting on Spotify alone, not to mention it’s only been 8 months since their official release date back in April 2nd of 2021. Recording and master engineering by award winning Pete Rodriguez, professionally known as (Pete Space) Artwork creatively designed by Lil Bruh Gwop is out of this world. Which to me, fits the track perfectly that sparks this very unique magical feeling I get everytime I listen to their collabs together. That being said, I believe art should be appreciated to it’s fullest and beyond. Even still when I hear this I still get a futuristic (ahead of time) feeling when I listen. I want to do more than just listen when I hear these type of collaborations. It has been confirmed there is much more in the works from these two after Gwop’s debut album is released, and we will definitely be keeping an eye in 2022 for any news and updates on their projects, as they have been in my top 5 for a while now. Listen to Aura Glow here:

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