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Fashionably stupid robbers pilfer pounds of designer clothes

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The heist happened at a store in an outlet mall in (where else?) Florida.

On August 26, Audrey Cobb, a Tommy Hilfiger store employee in Orlando noticed two suspicious persons in the store at around 7:12 PM.

Suspect one was described as “a black female, late 20’s to early ’30s, short, heavyset, wearing a white shirt, red shorts, and a black shower cap or bonnet.”

Suspect two was described as a 30- to 40-year-old black female, “thin build, short curly red hair” and wearing a gray outfit.

Both suspects had masks on during the theft.

As Cobb watched them, it became that they were shoplifting after they took two of the store's shopping bags and began filling them with clothes without checking for size and all the other attributes you’d expect a regular shopper to show. They were dumping various clothing items into their bags.

Shortly after observing this behavior, Cobb and another employee called the police while observing the two suspects leave through an emergency exit. They then hopped into a white, late-model Cadillac Escalade and drove off.

Their total time in the store? Ten minutes. Estimated inventory loss? $750 – making this a felony.

Later the Escalade was pulled over on an unrelated charge. The officer noticed two large Tommy Hilfiger bags full of clothes with two women – Ramiya Johnson and Kelah Hoffman, with an older man named Frank Germain driving the vehicle.

Germain, for his part, denied involvement in the theft by saying he loaned his vehicle to a friend so he could take his girlfriend shopping.

Both women had their mugshots taken while wearing clothes from the store – tags and anti-theft devices still very much attached.

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