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No, there isn’t an active serial killer stalking the Atlanta area.

Wess Haubrich
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The two crimes in question couldn’t be more different.

Up-close. Primitive. Visceral. Warm. Frenzied. Maniacal. Blood-thirsty.

These are the characteristics of knife crime. It’s requirements, prerequisites, attendant thoughts, feelings, mental images. Indeed, they are also all adjectives perfectly describing a recent murder in Atlanta.

Around 1:00 AM on July 28, 40-year-old Katie Janness was found brutally stabbed to death along with her dog Bowie as they walked Piedmont Park near the 10th street entrance. There is evidence Bowie died protecting his owner and that the unknown suspect may have left DNA on the dog, an almost virtual certainty if he was bit and made all the more likely because this was a knife crime.

Thus far, the FBI has been called in to assist the Atlanta PD in what so far appears to be a rather perplexing investigation. As Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms pointed out, most homicides in the city are committed with firearms by someone known to the victim.

Detached. Cold. Technological. Efficient. Ruthless. Quick.

These are the characteristics of homicide by firearm. And our second scene in Gwinnett County which social media is inexplicably claiming is somehow connected to the Janness scene.

Tori Lang was found shot in Yellow River Park in Gwinnett County, an area the vibrant 18-year-old knew very well. Her car was later found burning in the woods. Give to the family’s gofundme page here.
Tori LangWSB

While Police in Atlanta (including the FBI) and Gwinnett County investigators are playing their cards close to the vest (as is often standard procedure in investigating a murder) they stress that they are NOT working together in any way, manner, or form.

The misinformation surrounding this also includes a supposed third case in Norcross, GA. Norcross Chief Bill Grogan quickly dispersed with that theory by saying, “nothing factual about the posts we’ve seen.”

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