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FL Man finds strange FL Woman skinny dipping in his pool

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‘Crackhead Chris’ did it!

Jim Clark, a retiree in Port Charlotte was greeted by a strange site when he returned home from an afternoon doctor’s appointment.

As he looked across his lanai, he noticed a trail of women’s clothes all along it and leading to – you guessed it! – his inground pool.

It was at this time that Clark rang the local sheriff.

He clarified what he witnessed somewhat, “She was basically just lying down, head on the bricks on the side of the pool and … just totally incoherent.”

When the deputies arrived, they requested she put her clothes on and get out of the water. She refused and became “hostile”, demanding to be left alone.

Heather Kennedy in Jim Clark's poolDaily Mail

The 40-something stark-naked swimmer eventually tried to get out when she thought the police had left the scene. She was walking out the door when one ran after her and managed to stop her as three deputies cuffed and arrested her before putting her in the back of their squad car.

42-year-old Heather A. Kennedy was the au naturel aquatic nuisance. She was charged with one count of trespassing and one count of resisting arrest without violence – both misdemeanor charges. She will be arraigned August 4.

Kennedy’s big problem here is something else entirely. Earlier this year, she was convicted on one federal felony for narcotics possession and a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia charge.

She received these two charges after being stopped. The officers ultimately found marijuana, morphine pills, crack pipes, and meth pipes.

The police report says she tried to blame the possession charges on a guy she knew but could not give the full name of: “Crackhead Chris”.

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